Today was Rev’d Peter Grave’s final service as our minister; his sermon, “I commend you to God”, is available to listen to here (or click here to download the MP3):

You can also hear the hymn that Matthew McCombie, our very talented organist, wrote for the occasion (or click here to download the MP3):

The words for the hymn are reproduced below:

Gracious God, we stand before you
thankful for each passing day;
Count and bless, Lord, those who serve you,
those who follow in your way.
Hear our thanks for those among us
sharing friendship, trust, and love;
Lord of lords, our Shepherd glorious,
praise to you in heaven above.

Through the years, Lord, lend your brightness,
keep the pathway lit with stars;
When we doubt and battle darkness,
may we seek your will, not ours.
Grant your strength when all life’s changes
challenge us to grow and shine;
Dwell within us, Light of ages,
Light eternal, Light divine.

Those who leave us: God, be with them,
all your grace to them display;
Bless them, aid them, Lord, defend them,
hold them in your hand we pray.
Evermore their loving presence
will within our hearts reside;
Lead them onward with assurance:
God is always at their side.

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