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Minister’s Message

At the start of the summer, we had a really interesting conversation as part of a Sunday morning worship service. As we look forwards towards the building development, it was good to take some time to pause, pray and discuss what we think is the essence of our church life. The hope is that our building – including new logos and signs – and all that we do as a church will express something of that essence.

We don’t have space for them all, but people’s answers to the three questions asked were so interesting and encouraging that I thought that some of them were worth including here:

What words would you use to express what we know of God in Jesus Christ?

Love; Faithfulness; Protection; Saviour; Healing; Unity; Relationship; Power; Strength; Welcome; Inspiration; Friend; Amongst us; Servant; Care; All-inclusive; Non-discriminatory; Goodness; Embracing all; Peaceful; Guide; Support; Vision; Forgiving; God’s desire to be reconciled with humanity and creation; Always with us; Hope; Gracious; Merciful; Transformation; Creativity; Compassionate; Joy; Constancy; Love, love, love; And love!

What words, places, landmarks or ideas express what Histon & Impington is?

The pond; the green; the ducks! The windmill. The metal sculptures. Chivers. The churches. The memorial. The community coffee shop. Jam! Harvest! Quintessentially English! Open doors. A caring, active, busy community of all ages, with great spirit and friendships

What words would you use to express what is essential to what we are about as Histon Methodist Church?

Faith and Service; Welcoming; open to all; inclusive; friendly; worship; trusting and open to God’s guidance; spiritual exercise; discipleship; community; fellowship; open arms; warmth; sharing God’s love; music.

There’s a lot in there! So please do take a few minutes to really take it all in… These answers say a lot about our individual and collective understanding of who Jesus Christ has revealed God to be. And they say something about these wonderful villages in which we are called to worship and serve that God. And – whilst we of course still have a long way to go, and we don’t always get it right! – the essence of Histon Methodist which we have described is something which I have certainly experienced during my first year here, and which I believe many others experience too. The challenge and our hope is that the new building, our new logo (which these answers will help to shape), our new toddler lunch club and the many ongoing relationships and activities which we are involved in here will continue to express God’s love to all in the weeks, months and years to come…


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