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Situated right in the heart of Histon, we are a lively growing church serving both north Cambridge and the surrounding area, as well as the village itself. You can see a map here - there are ample parking facilities nearby.

We are part of the Cambridge Methodist Circuit and have good ecumenical relationships with local churches of other denominations. We are also very actively involved with a wide variety of community activities.

Latest news and updates

Minister’s Message

Dear Friends,
I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited about the Quilt and Flower Festival which is taking place at Histon Methodist Church during the first bank holiday weekend in May.

It’s going to be an amazing experience and showcase the talent of so many people. I strongly encourage you to come and support us—and an enormous thank-you to all the people who have helped make this happen and for the thousands of hours of work you’ve put into it!
That Sunday (5th May) we will be worshipping as one community at Castle Street Methodist Church where we will be welcoming one of our students Izzy into membership and confirming her. Please do join me in praying for her as she prepares for this. May is a busy month and includes Christian Aid Week. There will be opportunities to support his fantastic charity, so do look out for envelopes and give generously:

Castle Street will be having a Christian Aid service on 12th May. And around the corner in June, we will be remembering the work of Methodist Homes for the Aged, and there will be opportunities to support this great charity as well. May is also a sad month for the Circuit as, at the end of April, we said goodbye to Miriam Webb who has served as the Circuit administrator for 9 wonderful years. She moves to a job a bit closer to home but she will be sorely missed by the whole circuit. She had a leaving and farewell at the end of April and both Churches were represented and gave donations towards her leaving present.
Please do pray for her as she moves roles. This does leave a big hole in the life of the Circuit and
if God is calling you to apply to be the next Circuit Administrator, do send Superintendent Minister
Rose Westwood an email. If you know of anyone who would be interested, do speak to myself, a steward or any minister.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for myself and Paul as we get used to this new way of
living. He’s got a few days off towards the end of May and so I look forward to seeing him and spending some time with him.

If I’m not as available as usual, I hope you understand why! Paul has passed the first two set of exams on the A320 and is progressing nicely with his
qualification—he sends his love and best wishes.
With love and prayer
Rev Jenny



and paintings by a local artist.


                                                                       SUNDAY MAY 5TH 2PM – 5PM

                                                                       MONDAY MAY 6TH 10AM – 4.30PM

Further to two previously very successful festivals we look forward to another artistic and colourful event.

The quilts are created over many months by members and friends and will be used as inspiration for the floral accompaniment.

Both local arrangers and friends from around the area will use their talents to produce exciting  floral exhibits, with quilt designs reflecting  Kaffe Fasset and Clarice Cliff, oriental and naturalistic scenes, amongst many others.

All donations for Histon Methodist Church Development Fund and for the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital.  Delicious refreshments served throughout.

An example from 2023

Sasha Windows Giraffe

A huge thank you to all who came to the Giraffe Drive on 23 March.

As we rolled, coloured in, and even drew dozens of giraffes (or not for some less lucky participants) we came together in good spirits and raised a further £125 for our ongoing Standing Tall fundraising efforts in aid of Break.


Keep an eye out for Sasha Windows and the 90+ other giraffes around Cambridge until 2 June. Maps are available with a suggested donation of £1 and you can download the app to help locate and share your giraffe selfies with others.


Art can play a role in expressing and exploring core Methodist values, as well as fostering spiritual reflection and connection. From hymns to visual art – such as a sculpture – the Methodist tradition has a rich history of incorporating artistic expression into worship and outreach. By embracing creativity and collaboration, we can continue to make a meaningful contribution to the wider Church and the world around us.

This towering sculpture trail will be bringing together communities from all corners of the city, encouraging them to look up at the spectacular art on offer – all while supporting Break, a charity working across East Anglia to pave the way for a brighter future for children and young people who have experienced the care system.

Being part of an art trail around Cambridge can provide a wonderful opportunity to engage with the wider community and showcase the church’s creative side. We are blessed with a rich and diverse pool of talent in this circuit and we are in the unique position to have such a strong Junior Church too. Art is a universal language that brings people together and inspires them in new ways and we are excited about the project ahead of us.

The giraffe has been designed by members of both CSMC and Histon Methodist Church incorporating the various messages, bible studies, and the Methodist heritage that reflects the congregations and our faith. From pictures of bread and wine to Jesus as the good shepherd, the array of window panes capture the essence of our community and our commitment to inclusion. Not forgetting a little stained glass depiction of John Wesley!

Sasha Windows – the best pun name we could muster – is on display alongside over 90 other giraffe statues and runs until 2 June 2024 throughout Cambridge.


Minister’s Message April 2024

Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!
I hope and pray you had a blessed time during our preparations, and continue to enjoy the Easter
celebrations—which last as long as Lent: I remember reading Bishop Tom Wright arguing that
during the 40 days of Easter, Christians should celebrate with a champagne breakfast every
morning! Now, as a good Methodist, I don’t even know what champagne is, but appreciate the
sentiment that Easter is to be celebrated for its whole season.
Paul and I have some family news to share with you which will mean some changes for us as a
couple and consequently have an impact on our churches. Many of you will know Paul has taken a
break from aviation and flying for the past two years: the decision was a mixture of burnout after
flying all the PPE out of China into Europe during the pandemic and wanting to try a career in academia.

Since moving to Cambridge, Paul has been lecturing with Anglia Ruskin University, but
has made the decision to go back to flying. In March, he accepted a job as a Captain on the
A320 for WizzAir, based out of Luton. Paul will spend the next few months in the simulator
learning how to fly an Airbus (he’s been on a Boeing for the past 25 years and—trust me—they
are very different!) based at Gatwick and Luton airport. Assuming he passes all the exams and tests on the A320, he will begin Line Training
sometime in the summer before being allowed out on his own. There’s a lot of things which can happen to mean that he doesn’t end up flying, but
we are cautiously confident this is going to work out and feel now is the right time to share this news with you.
I hope you will understand that with Paul flying again, our pattern of family life will be taking a
change as we work out how to spend time together—ultimately we need to work out how to
see each other when Paul is in the country and I’m not working a 10 hour day! I hope this makes
sense, and you will be supportive of us as we navigate this change.
Thank you for your support and prayers
Rev Jenny (and Captain Curtis!)

Walking with Micah

Walking with Micah


What does it mean for the Methodist Church to be a justice-seeking church?

We live at a time of huge change when domestic and global injustices are being revealed and intensified. How can our world be renewed so that all God’s creation, people and planet, can flourish? Watch the video and read on to learn more about the project.

#Free to Feed Campaign

Free To Feed has launched in South Cambridgeshire; this is a campaign to help mothers feel confident breastfeeding in public, and is encouraging local businesses and venues to become a breastfeeding-friendly location. Our church has been very pleased to sign a pledge certificate for this campaign, and you will see a poster displayed on our notice board, as well as a sticker of welcome.